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Anshan places of interest
EMILBEKOV AVTANDIL University of Science and Technology Liaoning
Kirghizia Asia
Anshan places of interest This video tells about the city of Anshan and its oldest and most beautiful sights. It is my pleasure to introduce you to my hometown where I studied for 4 years, the history of this city is very interesting in my opinion. Anshan is marked by its history associated with the steel industry, and within the city itself is the deepest iron mine in Asia. Anshan Yibao, also known as "Anshan City", is the best-preserved Ming Dynasty ancient city in Anshan City. It is named because the mountain looks like a saddle. Anshan Yibao is an attached building of the Liaodong Great Wall in the Ming Dynasty, a provincial cultural relic protection unit. Anshan Yibao belongs to Dingliao Qianwei. It is a material material for studying the local history of Northeast China during the Ming and Qing Dynasties. In 1962, it was announced by Anshan Municipal People's Government as a municipal-level key cultural relics protection unit, and in 2003, Liaoning Provincial People's Government announced it as a provincial-level cultural relics protection unit. Anshan Post Fort is a landmark building in Anshan with great historical value. Only the name of the city can tell about a person and his ancient history and the reason for his origin. You can not only read the name of Anshan City, but also see this historical place live. Horses and saddles are associated with the name of my Anshan city.
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