Travelling is an art of life

Are you ready to embark on a thrilling adventure through the wonders of our planet? Do you have a passion for capturing memories through stunning visuals and sharing your experiences in Chinese? Then welcome aboard, because you could be a Globevoyager we are looking for!

Welcome to join the Second “Travelling + Chinese”Programme, which hosted by Center for Language Education and Cooperation and organized by the ChinesePlus, titled “Unite with Globevoyagers--Share Your Journey in the Video Entries”, to embark on the journey of “Unite with Globevoyagers” together. The great journey starts here!

Who can join?

1.Open to Chinese language learners, Chinese culture lovers, globetrotters, and local Chinese language teachers worldwide;

2. Must be non-native Chinese speakers and non-Chinese nationals;

3. For minors, guardian approval is mandatory.

How to join?

September 11 — October 20

(Beijing Time)

Please visit https://lyzw.chineseplus.net .upload up to two original pieces per person.

What is the format and theme of the video works?

Short videos, micro-docs, or vlogs with innovative formats up to three minutes long are warmly welcomed.

Themes such as natural wonders, iconic architecture, regional cuisine, cultural traditions, and touristic experiences including lodging, fashion, transportation, commerce, and leisure activities can be showcased through inspiring and uplifting storytelling. Choose one or multiple themes according to your preference.

What are the requirements for video shooting?

1.Video submissions in different styles can be created by individuals or groups. However, the participants must be non-native Chinese speakers who are not Chinese nationals. The video content must be introduced in Chinese.

2.Professional equipment or cell phones can be used to record videos in landscape orientation. Tripods, stabilizers, and other accessories are encouraged to enhance the quality of cell phone footage.

3.Videos should be MP4 format, HD resolution (1920x1080), around 3 minutes long, with both Chinese and English subtitles displayed at the bottom of the screen. Chinese subtitles should be positioned above English ones, and subtitles should not occupy more than 1/4 of the screen. Night scenes should be filmed in well-lit areas to ensure clarity.

4.Third-party logos unrelated to the event should not appear in the videos.

5.Content must be authentic, original, and engaging, possibly including personal perspectives on the featured attractions.

6.Only videos captured in real locations without pre-recorded explanations using PowerPoint will be considered eligible. It is advised that voice-over narration should not overlap with background music.

I am a novice, do you have any shooting suggestions?

If you are fluent in Chinese but do not have the skills to shoot and produce videos, you are welcome to visit the event’s special web page to watch the instructional video, where professional teachers will teach you how to produce video works for the event. Link to the video: https://lyzw.chineseplus.net/course

And wait, there’s more! Aside from learning from the professional teachers, there will also be a special guest appearance by last year’s winners. They will share their insights into creating winning designs, capturing unique angles, mastering post-processing techniques, and revealing secrets to taking home the ultimate prize!

How to vote for video works?

Video works that meet the requirements will be show on the special page of the ChinesePlus website "Unite with Globevoyagers--Share Your Journey in the Video Entries".
You can log in https://lyzw.chineseplus.net to vote.

What are the awards for the event?
Exceptional Event Participant Organizations awards

Awards setting

We will select the Best Literary Work (1), Best Editing (1), Most Charismatic (1), Most lnventive (1), MostGlamorous Video (1) based on the comprehensive scoring of the judges, and select the Best Online PopularityAward (5 places) through online voting, ln addition to receiving certificates and ChinesePlus courses, the aboveprize-winners will also receive Chinesse cultural souvenirs and be crowned "Globevoyagers".

In addition based on the comprehensive scoring of the judges,50 Outstanding Video Production awards willbe selected.Accordine to the number of submitted videworks and award-winning video works,60 Exceptionalinstructor awards and 20 Exceptional Event Participant Organizations awards will be selected. The winner.will be awarded certificates.

Rights and Interests Explained

1.Copyright Ownership: All submitted video works remain under the exclusive copyright ownership of their respective creators.

2.Legal Issues: Contributors bear sole responsibility for addressing any legal matters pertaining to copyright, reputation, or portrait rights associated with their video works. This includes ensuring that no third-party copyrights are violated through the use of these materials.

3.Secondary Editing Rights Granted: By submitting their works, contributors agree to allow organizers to edit and adapt them for various uses.

4.Reuse of Works: Sponsor and organizer reserve the right to utilize submitted video works for publicizing purposes, including but not limited to publication, exhibitions, demonstrations, without providing additional remuneration to the contributors.

For any queries or concerns,
please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Contact: Fang Xiaohan, Sheng Zhiya

Tel: 010-5930-7296 010-5930-7560

Email: zwlm@chineseplus.net

Mobile & WeChat: +86 15811200401 +86 13212055368

The final interpretation right of this event belongs to the sponsor Center for Language Education and Cooperation.